Shadowhunters Episode 20, “Parabatai Lost”, Recap.

Alright, here’s a recap of last week’s episode of The Shadowhunters, “Parabatai Lost”.

We start with a flashback to Jace and Alec as children, meeting each other for the very first time. We then see that Alec is still not well. He is in the Institute with Magnus using magic to keep him alive. Isabelle is there as well, and Magnus tells her that when Alec tried to find Jace through their bond, he lost a piece of his soul. THe only way to make Alec better is for Jace to come back to Alec and bring the missing piece, and use their bond to heal him.

Jace washes up on a beach somewhere, in pretty rough shape. He sees a person further down the shore that at first he thinks is Clary, but upon closer inspection we find out is really Gretel, the werewolf that Valentine killed on the boat. A passerby sees Jace and the body and calls the police,which would be Luke.

Clary storms into the Institute in similar shape as Jace, and demands to see Izzy. She is then intercepted by her mother and Aldertree for questioning about what happened after she escaped from the Institute. She lies and says that she doesn’t remember anything after Dot took her through a portal in front of the art shop. Clary lies to Aldertree to save Jace from any further incrimination by the Clave. She later tells Izzy what really happened, and that she thinks Jace is dead. Izzy tells her that that isn’t possible because if Jace was dead then Alec’s rune would have faded and disappeared. Isabelle is determined to find Jace and save her brother.

Simon receives a call from his mother checking in on him. Raphael tells Simon that he better find Camille soon, and to stop worrying about his mother. Simon refuses to abandon his mother and goes to visit her at their apartment in Brooklyn. He only finds half a bottle of vodka and that his alcoholic mother is missing. Simon immediately calls Clary to help him find his mother, and she tracks her down to a coffee shop. Clary convinces Simon to tell his mother the truth about where he’s been, and that he’s a vampire now. When Simon goes in to see his mother, he finds that Raphael was pretending to be his band manager, and explained everything to his Mom. Raphael tells Simon that if he doesn’t find Camille soon, he is going to hurt his Mom. Simon then ignores Raphael and tells his Mom that he is moving back home to stay with her.

Jocelyn tells Magnus that Clary is back at the Institute, and Magnus reveals that he is angry at Jocelyn for creating all thee problems in his life, and that he regrets repeatedly wiping Clary’s memory clean.

Izzy and Clary check in on Alec and they know that time is running out for him, and that if they don’t get Jace to Alec soon, he will die. They receive a phone call from Jace, who is at a bar. This is where he meets Maia Roberts, who is a werewolf in Luke’s pack. Izzy convinces Jace to meet them at Magnus’s apartment to save Alec.

Jace soon finds himself in trouble again. He gets into a fight when he refuses to help a member of Maia’s pack get retribution for Valentine taking his god-daughter right in front of him. The man remembers Jace and tries to attack him for killing Gretel, his god-daughter. Jace barely escapes, and Maia chases him out of the bar, and a man passing by calls an ambulance for Jace, and he is promptly taken to the hospital.

Luke reprimands Maia for attacking Jace when he isn’t sure that Jace is really a part of The Circle. They then go to the hospital and search for Jace. The hospital staff is very concerned for him when his blood work comes back abnormal, and they forbid him to leave. Jace ignores them and escapes his bed, and is found by Maia and Luke. Maia then turns into a wolf in front of Jace and a nurse. He is able to flee the hospital and starts to make his way to Magnus’s apartment.

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Magnus try to get approval from the Clave to move Alec, but they fail, and portal him out anyway without Aldertree knowing.  Aldertree goes to check on Alec, where Isabelle is waiting, and Aldertree discovers that Alec is no longer in the institute. Izzy tells Aldertree that Jace is at Magnus’s apartment, because Luke’s pack is going after Jace for revenge. Izzy tells Aldertree that if he lets her portal to Magnus’s apartment to save Alec and Jace, then she must turn Jace in afterwards.

Jocelyn chases down Jace after he escapes from the hospital and tries to help him find Alec, despite that she wants to bring him back to the clave even though he is a felon in their eyes.

We then have a flashback to Izzy convincing Alec to go through with making Jace his parabatai. Izzy calls Clary and tells her about the pack wanting to kill Jace, so Clary talks to Luke about him calling off his wolves before they get to Jace. Maia and the other wolves find Jace outside of Magnus’s apartment, and he tries to bargain with her to just let him help Alec first before they kill him. Clary, Isabelle, and Luke find them as well. Clary tells Maia that Valentine killed Gretel, not Jace. Izzy takes Jace to the apartment, and Luke convinces his wolves to let Izzy take back.

We see Jace and Alec in a flashback to their Parabatai ceremony as Jace heals Alec with the help of the Adamas. Right after they finish, and Alec is healed, Aldertree bursts in and forces Jace to go to the City Of Bones to await his trial for supposedly aiding Valentine in a war against the Clave and High Treason.

Wow, this episode was an exciting one, let me know down in the comments section what your favorite part of last weeks episode is! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you like tonight’s episode!

The Shadowhunters Episode 202 “A Door Into The Dark” Recap.

Alright, last week on The Shadowhunters, we open on the same scene we ended with last week. Jocelyn is about to shoot Jace, and he and Valentine go through a portal.

We meet Clary and Jocelyn back at the Institute, where Jocelyn tries to explain to Clary that Jace is powerful, but evil, because of the demon blood Valentine experimented on him with when he was a baby.

Lydia has a meeting to inform the rest of the Institute to bring in any of Valentine’s Circle members that they can, for interrogation purposes.

When Clary confronts Alec about what their next plan of action is, of course, Alec blames Clary for Jace’s disappearance entirely. Since Izzy is a rational person, she later explains to Clary that Alec is just upset that Jace is gone.

Meanwhile, Simon goes to the Hotel Dumort, where Raphael makes him fins Camille and bring her back to the Hotel.

Clary is hiding in her room, and then she escapes from under her mothers nose, and heads to a local art store. Her mother and Luke track her down there, where Luke tries to get Clary to forgive Jocelyn. Clary quickly exits the shop, runs into Dot (who she thought was dead), and Dot kidnaps her and takes her through a portal onto Valentine’s ship, where she convinces her that she can see the future.

Whilst this is happening, Izzy and Alec head to a local underground fight club to look for Circle members. They find a few, but no information.

Simon heads to Magnus’s apartment to ask for his help in finding Camille. Magnus portals them to Camille’s home in India, where Simon finally learns to use his vampire powers, and he and Magnus find a mysterious, special box, but no Camille.

Jocelyn heads back to the Institute where she proposes that she, Alec, and Isabelle work together to find Jace and Clary through his parabatai bond, with the help of a magical stone called Adamas. Jocelyn tells them that it could potentially kill Alec, and of course, Isabelle is less than pleased. Alec agrees to help anyway.

Clary finds Jace on the boat and she tells him that she can see the future. Her vision is of all the Downworlders slaughtering the humans into extinction, and that Jace is the only one who can stop them because of his demon blood. Valentine interrupts, and he and Jace promptly leave for a mission to find a werewolf.

Menawhile, Clary is stuck inside a cage on Valentine’s boat, and Dot is revealing that Clary cannot actually see the future, and Dot had cast a spell on her, and that Valentine has been experimenting on her, and she needs Clary’s help. She also tells Clary that she’s upset she stopped looking for her, that she gave up.

Jace and Valentine bring one of Luke’s wolves onto the boat, and Valentine wants Jace to kill her for breaking the accords, even though she is innocent. Valentine kills her anyway.

We end the episode with Jace breaking free of Valentine and his men, and escaping with Clary over the side of the boat, with the help of Dot, of course.

Okay, that’s it for this week. What was your favorite part of this episode? I hope you enjoy tonight’s show and I’ll see you back here next week!

The Shadowhunter’s Season 2 Premiere Recap.

Hey! I’ve decided that for season 2 of Freeform’s The Shadowhunters, I will be posting weekly recaps on Monday nights at 3PM EST so that you can quickly get caught up on what happened last week before the show that night. Alright, here we go.

802 Book Review.

Okay, in the premiere of Season 2, a couple of key things happened. We start off with Jace and Valentine on the boat. Jace is still officially missing after he sacrificed himself by going through the portal with Valentine in the Season 1 finale.

802 Book Review.

The Clave is still looking for him, and Alec is as angry as ever because nobody can find him.

Clary is trying to rekindle her relationship with her Mom in this new world of hers, and she’s still trying to deal with everything that happened last season, including that her own Mother lied to her for her entire life. Clary shows her mother the J.C. box and tells her that her son Jonathan Christopher, aka, Jace, is still alive and is currently with Valentine.

802 Book Review.

While everyone else is looking for Jace, Maryse brings in a new Clave representative to replace Lydia Branwell, behind her back, no less. His name is Victor Aldertree, and, let’s just say that he isn’t a new favorite for anybody.

802 Book Review.
Victor Aldertree, Interim Head Of The New York Institute.

After interrogating everybody who went to Camille’s apartment in the Season 1 finale, Mr. Aldertree decides that Jace is officially a traitor to the Clave and the Shadow world, and is wanted, dead or alive. He bans all Downworlders from the institute, forcing Simon to take shelter with Luke. He also forbids both Clary and Jocelyn from leaving the institute, which they both ignore, of course.

802 Book Review.
Wanted: Dead Or Alive.

Meanwhile, Jace is locked inside the basement of Valentine’s boat being tortured, that’s some great bonding time for the father-son duo, don’t you think? Afterwards, Valentine tries to make Jace a nice meal of spaghetti.

802 Book Review.

Clary and Izzy take a nice break to train and talk about their escape plan without anybody knowing.

802 Book Review.

Alec and Maryse argue outside the institute about whether or not they should save Jace, I think you know who wants what.

802 Book Review.

While Simon is with Luke, Clary sneaks out of the institute disguised as Aldertree and goes to find Simon at Luke’s. Whilst conversing with Simon, Jocelyn shows up and tricks the two of them and traps them in the warehouse.

802 Book Review.

Jace and Valentine head on their merry way to and old pizza-place-turned-vampire-den to find a woman named Maria. They find her, a scuffle ensues, and, long story short, Jace kills her outside the restaurant.

802 Book Review.

While this is happening, Clary and Simon find their way out of the warehouse and are running to find Jocelyn, and they happen to meet up at the very same pizza parlor that Jace and Valentine are at. That’s weird, right? Well, that is until we see Jocelyn trying to shoot Jace with a crossbow. Valentine takes the arrow for him and they disappear through the portal, the end.

802 Book Review.

Wow. This was a pretty good premiere. Let me know what you think of this down in the comments!



The Shadowhunters: Casting, Clary!

Hey Guys! It’s Liv.

I have been waiting for this release ever since I found out that there was even going o be a T.V. show. I’m of course talking about the casting of the one, the only, Miss Clary Fray.

This, is our new Clary.

Katherine McNamara

This is Katherine McNamara. She started her career when she was thirteen, and she was in the Broadway play, A Little Night Music, she played Fredrika Armfeldt. I cannot even get over how happy I am about this. I loved her in Happyland, her character Harper was pretty great. I think that she’s a great actor. She’s also a dead ringer for Clary. Clary is described as delicate, fair skinned, and a red head. Does that remind you of anyone mentioned in this post? I’m so happy that she has been cast, I think that she’ll be a fantastic Clary!

Someone who I always just kind of pictured as Clary was Sasha from ABookUtopia. I love Sasha’s channel, and her videos are some of my favorites on Booktube, and, trust me, I watch a lot of Booktube. She looks like her, right? Well, I certainly think so. She’s also known for being Lily Collins’ Doppelganger. They look so dang similar, it’s pretty hard to differentiate who’s who in the picture on the right. You should definitely check out Sasha’s channel, her videos are so great, and so hilarious, I die laughing sometimes.

Image result for Sasha Alsberg

Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to find out the rest of the cast. See you soon!