Shadowhunters Episode 20, “Parabatai Lost”, Recap.

Alright, here’s a recap of last week’s episode of The Shadowhunters, “Parabatai Lost”.

We start with a flashback to Jace and Alec as children, meeting each other for the very first time. We then see that Alec is still not well. He is in the Institute with Magnus using magic to keep him alive. Isabelle is there as well, and Magnus tells her that when Alec tried to find Jace through their bond, he lost a piece of his soul. THe only way to make Alec better is for Jace to come back to Alec and bring the missing piece, and use their bond to heal him.

Jace washes up on a beach somewhere, in pretty rough shape. He sees a person further down the shore that at first he thinks is Clary, but upon closer inspection we find out is really Gretel, the werewolf that Valentine killed on the boat. A passerby sees Jace and the body and calls the police,which would be Luke.

Clary storms into the Institute in similar shape as Jace, and demands to see Izzy. She is then intercepted by her mother and Aldertree for questioning about what happened after she escaped from the Institute. She lies and says that she doesn’t remember anything after Dot took her through a portal in front of the art shop. Clary lies to Aldertree to save Jace from any further incrimination by the Clave. She later tells Izzy what really happened, and that she thinks Jace is dead. Izzy tells her that that isn’t possible because if Jace was dead then Alec’s rune would have faded and disappeared. Isabelle is determined to find Jace and save her brother.

Simon receives a call from his mother checking in on him. Raphael tells Simon that he better find Camille soon, and to stop worrying about his mother. Simon refuses to abandon his mother and goes to visit her at their apartment in Brooklyn. He only finds half a bottle of vodka and that his alcoholic mother is missing. Simon immediately calls Clary to help him find his mother, and she tracks her down to a coffee shop. Clary convinces Simon to tell his mother the truth about where he’s been, and that he’s a vampire now. When Simon goes in to see his mother, he finds that Raphael was pretending to be his band manager, and explained everything to his Mom. Raphael tells Simon that if he doesn’t find Camille soon, he is going to hurt his Mom. Simon then ignores Raphael and tells his Mom that he is moving back home to stay with her.

Jocelyn tells Magnus that Clary is back at the Institute, and Magnus reveals that he is angry at Jocelyn for creating all thee problems in his life, and that he regrets repeatedly wiping Clary’s memory clean.

Izzy and Clary check in on Alec and they know that time is running out for him, and that if they don’t get Jace to Alec soon, he will die. They receive a phone call from Jace, who is at a bar. This is where he meets Maia Roberts, who is a werewolf in Luke’s pack. Izzy convinces Jace to meet them at Magnus’s apartment to save Alec.

Jace soon finds himself in trouble again. He gets into a fight when he refuses to help a member of Maia’s pack get retribution for Valentine taking his god-daughter right in front of him. The man remembers Jace and tries to attack him for killing Gretel, his god-daughter. Jace barely escapes, and Maia chases him out of the bar, and a man passing by calls an ambulance for Jace, and he is promptly taken to the hospital.

Luke reprimands Maia for attacking Jace when he isn’t sure that Jace is really a part of The Circle. They then go to the hospital and search for Jace. The hospital staff is very concerned for him when his blood work comes back abnormal, and they forbid him to leave. Jace ignores them and escapes his bed, and is found by Maia and Luke. Maia then turns into a wolf in front of Jace and a nurse. He is able to flee the hospital and starts to make his way to Magnus’s apartment.

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Magnus try to get approval from the Clave to move Alec, but they fail, and portal him out anyway without Aldertree knowing.  Aldertree goes to check on Alec, where Isabelle is waiting, and Aldertree discovers that Alec is no longer in the institute. Izzy tells Aldertree that Jace is at Magnus’s apartment, because Luke’s pack is going after Jace for revenge. Izzy tells Aldertree that if he lets her portal to Magnus’s apartment to save Alec and Jace, then she must turn Jace in afterwards.

Jocelyn chases down Jace after he escapes from the hospital and tries to help him find Alec, despite that she wants to bring him back to the clave even though he is a felon in their eyes.

We then have a flashback to Izzy convincing Alec to go through with making Jace his parabatai. Izzy calls Clary and tells her about the pack wanting to kill Jace, so Clary talks to Luke about him calling off his wolves before they get to Jace. Maia and the other wolves find Jace outside of Magnus’s apartment, and he tries to bargain with her to just let him help Alec first before they kill him. Clary, Isabelle, and Luke find them as well. Clary tells Maia that Valentine killed Gretel, not Jace. Izzy takes Jace to the apartment, and Luke convinces his wolves to let Izzy take back.

We see Jace and Alec in a flashback to their Parabatai ceremony as Jace heals Alec with the help of the Adamas. Right after they finish, and Alec is healed, Aldertree bursts in and forces Jace to go to the City Of Bones to await his trial for supposedly aiding Valentine in a war against the Clave and High Treason.

Wow, this episode was an exciting one, let me know down in the comments section what your favorite part of last weeks episode is! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you like tonight’s episode!

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