The Shadowhunter’s Season 2 Premiere Recap.

Hey! I’ve decided that for season 2 of Freeform’s The Shadowhunters, I will be posting weekly recaps on Monday nights at 3PM EST so that you can quickly get caught up on what happened last week before the show that night. Alright, here we go.

802 Book Review.

Okay, in the premiere of Season 2, a couple of key things happened. We start off with Jace and Valentine on the boat. Jace is still officially missing after he sacrificed himself by going through the portal with Valentine in the Season 1 finale.

802 Book Review.

The Clave is still looking for him, and Alec is as angry as ever because nobody can find him.

Clary is trying to rekindle her relationship with her Mom in this new world of hers, and she’s still trying to deal with everything that happened last season, including that her own Mother lied to her for her entire life. Clary shows her mother the J.C. box and tells her that her son Jonathan Christopher, aka, Jace, is still alive and is currently with Valentine.

802 Book Review.

While everyone else is looking for Jace, Maryse brings in a new Clave representative to replace Lydia Branwell, behind her back, no less. His name is Victor Aldertree, and, let’s just say that he isn’t a new favorite for anybody.

802 Book Review.
Victor Aldertree, Interim Head Of The New York Institute.

After interrogating everybody who went to Camille’s apartment in the Season 1 finale, Mr. Aldertree decides that Jace is officially a traitor to the Clave and the Shadow world, and is wanted, dead or alive. He bans all Downworlders from the institute, forcing Simon to take shelter with Luke. He also forbids both Clary and Jocelyn from leaving the institute, which they both ignore, of course.

802 Book Review.
Wanted: Dead Or Alive.

Meanwhile, Jace is locked inside the basement of Valentine’s boat being tortured, that’s some great bonding time for the father-son duo, don’t you think? Afterwards, Valentine tries to make Jace a nice meal of spaghetti.

802 Book Review.

Clary and Izzy take a nice break to train and talk about their escape plan without anybody knowing.

802 Book Review.

Alec and Maryse argue outside the institute about whether or not they should save Jace, I think you know who wants what.

802 Book Review.

While Simon is with Luke, Clary sneaks out of the institute disguised as Aldertree and goes to find Simon at Luke’s. Whilst conversing with Simon, Jocelyn shows up and tricks the two of them and traps them in the warehouse.

802 Book Review.

Jace and Valentine head on their merry way to and old pizza-place-turned-vampire-den to find a woman named Maria. They find her, a scuffle ensues, and, long story short, Jace kills her outside the restaurant.

802 Book Review.

While this is happening, Clary and Simon find their way out of the warehouse and are running to find Jocelyn, and they happen to meet up at the very same pizza parlor that Jace and Valentine are at. That’s weird, right? Well, that is until we see Jocelyn trying to shoot Jace with a crossbow. Valentine takes the arrow for him and they disappear through the portal, the end.

802 Book Review.

Wow. This was a pretty good premiere. Let me know what you think of this down in the comments!



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