The Shadowhunters: Casting, Jace

Hey guys, it’s Liv! I have exciting news. If you haven’t heard yet, The Mortal Instruments is becoming a show. This T.V. show feels so great, because second chances like this practically never happen. The movie flopped, big time, not because of the actors, mainly just the way it was marketed and the way it was adapted from the book. Since the series has been given another chance, it just feels like a sign that it is going to go well. Constantin Films, who made the The Mortal Instruments movie, announced their plans to recreate the Shadowhunter world in a television series in September 2014.  ABC Family was the network chosen to make this a reality. I wasn’t too excited when I heard that ABC Family was producing this show. I was really hoping that the CW would pick up this show because it just fits in so well with the other shows that they do, and do well, in my opinion. ABC Family wanted this because they are trying to re-brand and draw more older viewers to their network. The show has a guaranteed 13 episodes, which is good, we get a whole season to see this play out. On Monday, sorry this is so late, they announced who will be playing Jace in the show. Playing Jace is the one, the only, Mr. Dominic Sherwood.

Dominic Sherwood As Jace

Gorgeous, right? Dominic Sherwood was recently in Taylor Swifts’ music video for her song Style. He played Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy movie adaption. This casting has the book world absolutely buzzing.  I’m interested to see how he does as Jace. Jamie was a really good Jace. I think Dominic will do a good job. I’ll try and update you guys each time a cast member is announced or there is more news. Filming is going to start this May, in Toronto, so there should be some news pretty soon! Until next time!