Cycle Of Hope Review.

Tricia Downing’s woeful tale reinforces the idea of perseverance and friendship until the very last page.

Strength. Courage. Perseverance. At thirty-one, Tricia Downing was in the best shape of her life. In the summer of 2000, Tricia, an avid cyclist, drove across the country for 8578116what amounted to eighteen races in twenty-three days. She returned from her adventure to a fresh start: a new job awaited her, and, determined to make the next summer the year she would make her mark on the world of cycling, she began a rigorous training strategy. But on September 17, 2000, Tricia Downing’s life took a detour. While training on her bicycle one sunny Colorado afternoon, Tricia collides with a car that turns directly in her path, and instantly becomes paralyzed from the chest down. As a competitive road and track cyclist and lifelong athlete, losing the use of her legs is devastating on all accounts. As she re-learns to do everything from sitting straight up to navigating through her house in a wheelchair to returning to work and operating a handcycle, her grueling recovery takes her to the very core of her athletic mettle. This inner strength helps her to not only learn how to live life as a paraplegic-a label that takes time to grow accustomed to-but to have the courage to return to the competitive sport she loves and almost lost. Determined to live life on her terms, Tricia turns her misfortune into opportunity, and is now a wheelchair racer, competing regularly in triathlons around the globe. Cycle of Hope chronicles Tricia’s journey from the first terrifying moments of impact with the car through rehab and her emergence as a world-class athlete.

I received this book from my college as the First Year Common Read, a book that everybody in the Freshman class reads together. We even had Ms. Tricia Downing come and sign our books and give a speech at our college during Welcome Weekend. Ms. Downing seem like a lovely person, but I could not stand this book.

Ms. Downing is an absolutely terrible heroine. If anything, she’s the depressing sidekick to an amazing group of friends. This was a super snoozefest and I wish I had never wasted my time reading it. The entire time, all she ever talked about was how terrible her life was and how she just wanted to quit and never finish anything, ever. She wouldn’t have ever done anything without the help of her awesome, supportive friends and boyfriend.

The writing definitely needs to be developed a fair bit more. Not only was this boring, but it was annoying. The plot was slower than molasses, really dry, and repetitive. It was just constant negativity from her at every turn. I honestly cannot think of anything that I liked about this book.


I don’t recommend anybody to read this book. It’s a depressing, irritating account of how one competitive cyclists friends saved her from never accomplishing anything as an athlete after her accident. 1 out 0f 5 stars, would not recommend.


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