Shadowhunters Episode 202, “A Door Into The Dark” Recap.

Alright, last week on The Shadowhunters, we open on the same scene we ended with last week. Jocelyn is about to shoot Jace, and he and Valentine go through a portal.

We meet Clary and Jocelyn back at the Institute, where Jocelyn tries to explain to Clary that Jace is powerful, but evil, because of the demon blood Valentine experimented on him with when he was a baby.

Lydia has a meeting to inform the rest of the Institute to bring in any of Valentine’s Circle members that they can, for interrogation purposes.

When Clary confronts Alec about what their next plan of action is, of course, Alec blames Clary for Jace’s disappearance entirely. Since Izzy is a rational person, she later explains to Clary that Alec is just upset that Jace is gone.

Meanwhile, Simon goes to the Hotel Dumort, where Raphael makes him fins Camille and bring her back to the Hotel.

Clary is hiding in her room, and then she escapes from under her mothers nose, and heads to a local art store. Her mother and Luke track her down there, where Luke tries to get Clary to forgive Jocelyn. Clary quickly exits the shop, runs into Dot (who she thought was dead), and Dot kidnaps her and takes her through a portal onto Valentine’s ship, where she convinces her that she can see the future.

Whilst this is happening, Izzy and Alec head to a local underground fight club to look for Circle members. They find a few, but no information.

Simon heads to Magnus’s apartment to ask for his help in finding Camille. Magnus portals them to Camille’s home in India, where Simon finally learns to use his vampire powers, and he and Magnus find a mysterious, special box, but no Camille.

Jocelyn heads back to the Institute where she proposes that she, Alec, and Isabelle work together to find Jace and Clary through his parabatai bond, with the help of a magical stone called Adamas. Jocelyn tells them that it could potentially kill Alec, and of course, Isabelle is less than pleased. Alec agrees to help anyway.

Clary finds Jace on the boat and she tells him that she can see the future. Her vision is of all the Downworlders slaughtering the humans into extinction, and that Jace is the only one who can stop them because of his demon blood. Valentine interrupts, and he and Jace promptly leave for a mission to find a werewolf.

We see that Clary is stuck inside a cage on Valentine’s boat, and Dot is revealing that Clary cannot actually see the future, and Dot had cast a spell on her, and that Valentine has been experimenting on her, and she needs Clary’s help. She also tells Clary that she’s upset she stopped looking for her, that she gave up.

  1. Dot is upset that Clary stopped looking for her, and she cast a spell on her.
  2. Camille is not in India. Instead, Simon and Magnus find a special box.
  3. Valentine and Jace capture one of Luke’s werewolves. They want to kill her because they think she broke the accords.
  4. Jace and Clary try to escape the boat, Dot helps them, and they jump over the edge.
  5. Valentine kills the werewolf anyway.
  6. The End.

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