The Shadowhunters: Casting, Valentine!

Hey Guys! Another exciting casting announcement has been made! We now know who will be playing our dear Valentine.

This, is the new Valentine…

Alan Van Sprang As Valentine Morgenstern

This is Alan Van Sprang. I am not worried at all his ability to play this part. It’s not his first time playing a leader, or a troubled, neurotic father to a similarly handsome blonde-headed son. You might be wondering what role I’m talking about, and that would be King Henry of course! Alan Van Sprang played King Henry on Reign!

King Henry And Prince Francis From Reign

Reign is one of my absolute favorite T.V. shows, it’s had two seasons and is on The CW, which is one of my favorite networks. You should definitely watch it. I always feel like nobody watches it, I’ve only met one other person who had heard of it and that was because they watched it too.

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped that he’s going to be on this show, I really liked him on Reign, so I can’t wait to see how he does on The Shadowhunters! I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you here soon!

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